•Best of Show for the first of the first

•Best of Straight-From-The-Box : Award donated by the president of IPMS Belgium

•Challenge IPMS Belgium : exclusively for IPMS Belgium members, see contest rules

•PJ Production Award, 25 th Anniversary : best PJ model (Aircraft or figurines)

•Hamover Trophy : best model airplane "made in Russia" (all scales)

•Les Centurions de l'Aisne give 2 "trophees coup de coeur" (figurines + maquettes)

•Modeller’s Packages donated by Special Hobby in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 scale

•Best Egg plane on show : Trophy + voucher donated by RetrokiT/RetroWings

•Magic Scale Modelling Trophy : Best "electronically updated" model on show

•Paxx Ltd : 3 kits for Junior Sci-Fi

•Yenmodels gives one of his products for category VC5

•Cappe Philippe donne un profil d'avion

• offers a big box of Belgian "pralines" for best clubstand

•L'arsenal offers 1 voucher (25 €) for categorie A6 and 1 voucher (25 €) for MA2

•Trophée IPMS France

•Stonehenge Modeller's Trophy for the best post 1945 Military Vehicle

•Le coin des artistes gives a special price for the categorie F4

•Camouflage club gives a special Trophy "to be determined on site"

•AvantGarde Models Trophy for Best AMK model

•Prix 2 Wing Tactique de Florennes for an aircraft (any scale) that has flown from Florennes : WW II German and US up to the Belgian Air Force


MAKO - Modellbau  Special Prize

Best Military / Figure Diorama

Best Weathered AFV


•Trophy FNAR : 200 euro voucher for best Belgian airplane

(all scales, civil or military)

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