Advantages IPMS


Other than being member of the greatest modellers club in the world:

  1. Free entrance for all events organised by IPMS Belgium and its affiliated clubs. Equally valid for all events of  IPMS branches in other countries.
  2. Direct discount when purchasing in certain shops (you may have to show your valid member card).
  3. Cheaper proces through group purchase of material.
  4. Fifty percent discount when entering the modelcompetition during the National Convention.
  5. Twenty percent discount on the rent of the swap or trader tables during the National Convention.
  6. Free shipment, four times per year, of the magazine KIT, the only Belgian magazine for modellers.
  7. Free personal ads in KIT magazine.
  8. Possibility to obtain, through the Bibliokit service, copies of articles from magazines of the foreign branches of IPMS.


1.      Free page on our website to present your club.

2.      Advantage shipment (€25 in 2016) for your exhibition flyers together with the KIT magazine.

3.      Once a year a free page in KIT magazine to anounce your clubevent.

4.      Once a year a free e-mail of your expo/competitiondossier (or website with more info) to  modellers and modelclubs, this mail also goes to traders and cottage industry, approx 1.150 adresses.

5.      Organisation of the children- and youthatelier “Make & Take” during your clubevent , in collaboration with IPMS Belgium (in total maximum 6 times per year).